Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recession and Infectious Disease?

MSNBC published a story yesterday about the potential rise in infectious diseases as a result of the economic downturn. They site leishmaniasis, Chagas, dengue, and other bug-borne illnesses as likely candidates for re/emergence in the US. Pro-MED mail sent out a report of a woman in Washington who inadvertently gave herself and her children botulism from improperly canned green beans. The editors of that report also hypothesized that we may see more of this as people turn to home canning to save money. This is not to imply that home canning is necessarily dangerous, but it is important to know what you are doing.

Meanwhile public health funding continues to decline.


  1. Funding is cut, but the public is screaming for more services!!

  2. Canning your food from your own garden is a good way to save some money though. But you are right. It need to be done correct.