Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Irradiated Cat Food

This was just too interesting not to comment on. In a Promed report, there was discussion about how investigators in Australia determined that irradiation of dry cat food was leading to fatal neurological damage in some cats. For some reason, only female cats who became pregnant while on a diet of the irradiated food were affected -- male cats and the kittens did not develop symptoms. Dogs were not affected. Irradiation is apparently performed on imported foods. They also irradiate some human foods (although this is qualified with a note that it is at much lower levels than the pet food).

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke with a USDA inspector who was involved with the E coli outbreaks in produce from California. He said he believes all produce should be irradiated. Anyone else concerned about this? I'm not a cat, but I'm not terribly excited about eating irradiated foods.

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