Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Human Rabies Survivor

There is some great footage on You Tube of a girl who survived rabies. Fair warning -- parts of the videos are quite graphic, but it is excellent. Well worth your time.

Rabies has been thought to be 100% fatal, however there are isolated reports of survival. The health care providers involved in this case are to be commended, as are the researchers who are working towards cures. Rabies is a violent, painful death. Typically, its victims are tied to a bed, left in darkness for the disease to overcome them. Insanity is spliced with terrifying moments of lucidity.

Rabies immune globulin and vaccine are very expensive, and the treatment is not pleasant (although quite preferable to contracting the disease). I myself have undergone rabies post-exposure prophylaxis after a dog bite. The vaccine made me feel quite ill. There has also been a shortage of vaccine, which has led to changes in the regimen (unfortunately those changes came after my incident and I had more shots).

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