Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scientists and Mystics

Today at the health food store, picking up some organic sour cream and strawberries for an Indian dessert, I picked up one of those free health publications. On the cover, a blurb spotlighting their feature article, an interview with some man I had never heard of, billed as "scientist and mystic." That alone was worth the read. How does one become both a scientist and mystic? By definition, a scientist views the world objectively, rationally. What is objective, what is rational, about the mystic?

I am all for "alternative" medicine. My medicine cabinet contains zinc, echinacia, myrrh, and a variety of Dr Bach's flower remedies. Also, Tylenol, Alieve, and Ambien. I have a variety of medicinal plants growing in the backyard. I think though that publications such as the one I picked up today, give the whole genre an aire of the ridiculous. There was nothing objective or rational about the articles. Rather, it was, as a good friend of mine would say, "a lot of hoo ha."

In other news, there is a scramble to sign up health care providers to receive H1N1 vaccine. I hope that we will have some science in that realm soon. Because right now it is rather mystical.

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