Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Flu Queen

Yesterday I gave a presentation to a grassroots community coalition about flu. Today I am presenting at a hospital. This afternoon I am presenting to a group of school nurses. I spend all day, every day, dealing with flu. A colleague has dubbed me the Flu Queen and my investigator the Flu Princess and promises to have us both sparkly tiaras soon.

The good news on the flu front is that data from the pandemic H1N1 vaccine are starting to spill out. The New England Journal of Medicine had several articles on trails. In terms of safety, the reports are mild side effects, the kind expected when you give any shot -- sore arm, in some cases fever. There was also reports of headache. Nothing alarming. No sentinel events. The FDA has approved the vaccine both in shot and nasal spray. Lots and lots of doctors will be giving the shot, so it looks like most people will just be able to go to their primary care physician to get it, or to a pharmacy or doc-in-the-box. If they can't get it there, they can get it from their health department.

In other news, a case of cysticercosis was reported the other day. A guy was in a bar fight, ended up in the ER. They did a CAT scan of his head due to the injuries, and lo and behold, there were worms in his brain. Nothing delusional about them. That's a bad Friday night out.


  1. I haven't seen a case of cysticercosis since... well, since I was a med tech student back in El Paso, Texas. That's wild!

  2. I've seen a couple of them recently. They had travel history to Mexico.