Monday, September 14, 2009

H1N1 Conspiracies

This weekend someone sent me a link to this video. It is the wackiest H1N1 conspiracy theory I have heard yet. I looked up the claim that Oklahoma is mandating the vaccine -- they aren't. And while health departments across the nation are receiving and exorbitant amount of money to administer H1N1 vaccine, there are no plans of blockades, checkpoints, or non-removable metal bracelets. At least not that I am aware of. And considering that if such plans were in place, I would be one of the government workers administering them, I am fairly confident that we can all calm down.

I think that some people truly want the worst-case scenario, The Postman, Dies The Fire, Y2K, post-apocalyptic scenario to happen. The survivalist fantasy is exciting. The copy repair man who becomes a military leader after the power goes out, the librarian who becomes a hero. That notion that we could be more in the right circumstances, if only we weren't caught in the tedium of day to day lives, working to pay off the mortgage, car loans, and credit cards. Let's erase everything and start over.

I'm afraid H1N1 isn't it.

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